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When you hear about Murad Eye Cream, you probably think of the award-winning cosmetics line developed by American dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. Murad Cosmetics has been creating an array of cosmetic products over the years that address acne, aging, and cellulite in a variety of cleansers, treatments, moisturizers and other solutions.

This Murad cream is supposed to increase firmness and elasticity while adding moisture to the area around the eyes. Based on suggestions from fellow skin fanatics, it only seems appropriate to subject this new cream to an evaluation to see if it lives up to the hype.

Murad Eye Cream

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Over the course of one month, we will see if Murad Eye Cream increases natural moisture around the eye area via daily application. Every morning and evening, the cream is applied around the eyes after the area has been washed. As with any lotion, there is an immediate moisturizing effect due to the application of the lotion, but what determines its effectiveness is how long the area will stay moisturized.

Throughout both day and night the Murad cream does a great job at keeping the area moist; a once daily application might even be suitable, but I stayed with two uses per day in order to be consistent with the thirty day plan. After one month of use, the skin around my eyes is definitely more supple and moisturized, especially the eyelid area that can be susceptible to drying out.

Over the same one month period, the elasticity and firmness that the Murad Eye Cream claimed to provide was also evaluated. The active ingredients in the complex can be felt working upon application, supplying the under-eye area with vital nutrients and proteins. In the short-term, the feeling of firmness may wear off between uses.

However, over a period of weeks one can begin to notice the tightening effect it is having on the under-eye area, alleviating baggy and tired eyes by firming and adding elasticity back to aged skin. This effect – after one month – is noticeable even in the mornings before use.

With skepticism about Murad Eye Cream cast aside, it is time now to address the cons to this product. The texture is a bit oily and may leave residual oils behind, so it is important to wash the area behind uses. While it does help with bagginess, elasticity and moisture, it will not do much for dark circles, so you need to have another product in mind to supplement this one if you have dark circles that you plan on treating. Overall, this product is a far less expensive solution than some other high-end creams and provides proven results.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“Wow…I am so amazed by this product line for my skin. I have tried everything and nothing worked…until… . Murad has created the best line for hormonal-aging women. I have used his cleaning cream, night cream, and eye cream, as well as the toner from the Resurangce line and my skin has never looked better.”

“IT WORKS and is definitely worth the price!! (If you are balking at the price, add up all the potions you have bought in the past year (that DIDN’T work.) Gather them all up, throw them away, and invest in the MURAD line!”

“I had to try this product for myself after reading that it can reduce the puffiness around the eyes. It does!!! It has served double duty for me. Being someone who has kidney disease, the puffiness and darkness around the eyes are one of the most tell-tell signs of it. With this eye cream, I can look at myself in the mirror and not have to see the effects of this illness. After 4 weeks, my husband and son said that swollen look is gone. I couldn’t be happier.”

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My Conclusion

I would recommend this product to anyone who has extra skin, bagginess or dryness under or around their eyes. From the other testimonials observed, people of all ages are using this cream to help with their eye issues and the vast majority have nothing but compliments for it. If you are looking for a mid-range eye cream that will provide lasting results, consider Murad Eye Cream and make it part of your beauty process.

[xrr rating=4.5/5 label=”Product Rating:”]

Murad Eye Cream

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I hope you have enjoyed my Murad Eye Cream review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.