La Mer Eye Cream – Best Gift from The Sea?

La Mer Eye Cream, or known as La Mer Eye Concentrated, is one of the latest releases by La Mer cosmetics and it is being sold as an excellent remedy to treat dark circles and bags under the eyes. Started by a NASA scientist, La Mer is now owned by Estée Lauder and produces several popular creams such as Crème de la Mer.

The developers at La Mer state that the concentrate will reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes and also alleviate dark circles that may be present. There are a number of positive reviews on this product and that speaks well for its potential. These assertions will be evaluated to see if there is any validity to them by using the product for thirty days.

La Mer Eye Cream

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The first benefit mentioned by La Mer was that the application of the product helps to reduce the appearance of saggy or droopy eyes, especially in the under eye area. The application routine followed was once per day, in the morning on clean, damp skin. Be sure to use in combination with a SPF top-coat lotion as La Mer Eye Cream does not contain UV or SPF protection.

After the thirty days transpired, my notably baggy eyes appeared to have reverted by about five years, based on photos of myself that I compared with the current results.

A secondary benefit to using La Mer Eye Cream is supposed to be the reduction of dark coloration that appears under the eyes. While evaluating this product, I took photos of my under eye area each week to see if the results could be measured over the course of one month. What I discovered after thirty days was astonishing.

While the dark circles were not completely gone, I could tell a remarkable difference when compared to the photo taken thirty days prior. I think we often beat up on ourselves and see only that flaws are still there, because I did not notice the drastic change over the month until I compared all four photos taken.

With the concentrate living up to its expectations, let us now take a look at the downsides to the crème. Unfortunately, this product is rather expensive (upwards of $200) for just half an ounce. Granted, eye creams such as these can last months or even over a year when applied in a proper fashion. It is a disadvantage that this product does not have an SPF built in, but anyone who is serious about skin care should already have an anti-sun product and virtually all will work in conjunction with this concentrate when applied.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“Having grown up in LA I used baby oil for sun tan lotion. People would comment on how many ‘wrinkles’ I had when I was in my 20’s. Now that I have reached 50, my ‘wrinkles’ have reduced to fine lines and my skin is looking better than ever since I discovered La Mer. My skin type has always been very sensative. I use the entire La Mer skin care line and the results have been amazing. People frequently comment on how radiant I look. I attribute these compliments to La Mer.”

“I use The Eye Concentrate twice a day. Given the price of this item, I wanted to make sure that when I made a comment about it, that I truly used it as instructed. Well my comment is this, it works. Lines and wrinkles are less visible and my dark circles appear to be lighter. I am a lifer now. When I apply concealer underneath my eyes, all I can say is WOW! Here’s Looking at You!!!”

“This is one of the nicest eye products I’ve tried, it really feels refreshing to the eye and helps with the puffiness. I use morning and night and people often comment that I have no lines around my eyes. At 45 that’s a compliment! I would recomend this to friends and family. The only downside… it does not last long enough and the price is high compared to other products.”

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My Conclusion

This product from La Mer is a strong contender in the eye cream cosmetics market and is a recommended buy for those 25-60 who have dark circles or poofy eyes. Finding an established brand such as La Mer moving into cremes for different areas is encouraging, as La Mer has used scientific research from the start to develop excellent products. If you are considering making an investment in a professional, quality eye crème, try La Mer Eye Cream – it will change how the world looks at your eyes.

[xrr rating=4.5/5 label=”Product Rating:”]

La Mer Eye Cream

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I hope you have enjoyed my La Mer Eye Cream review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.