iS Clinical Super Serum Advance – The “A+” Solution?

iS Clinical has been releasing high-end cosmetic products for years with great success, including the new iS Clinical Super Serum. While iS Clinical is an established cosmetics manufacturer with a proven track record, scrutiny is also applied to any new high-end product, regardless of who designed it.

The claims made by iS in regards to this new product include a reduction of the appearance of lines and wrinkles, a boost to collagen production and will balance skin tone and help with hyper-pigmentation. Over the course of one month, this product will be put to the test to see if it lives up to the claims touted by iS.

iS Clinical Super Serum

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Observations will be conducted first on the ability to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. During the evaluation, the iS Clinical Super Serum was applied daily in the morning prior to sun exposure. This product also has UV photo protection and can be worn under your daily sunscreen.

After 30 days of use, the appearance of lines and wrinkles appeared to decrease. Makeup seems to blend much better on the face than before starting use of the product, which is definitely a good thing. Based on sampling of other cosmetic products of similar function, this product provides an decent amount of rejuvenation to the face for its price.

The second observation and test conducted over the same month was to see how well the iS Clinical Super Serum would assist in evening the skin tone and provide a uniform complexion. With a blotched summer tan, I hoped that it would provide dire need to bringing out an even winter face. After the evaluation, the darker, tanned areas on my nose and cheeks had meshed quite well with the rest of my face. According to additional reports on this product, those with natural variances in skin tone can benefit from this as well.

With the product living up to its two biggest claims, iS Clinical Super Serum is definitely a worthy serum to have. Nevertheless, there are a couple of cons to this product.

The smell is an odd artificial one and seems to linger on the skin long after application. It also contains phenoxyethanol, which may or may not be bad for your skin depending on who you ask. Ultimately, I found this product to function in the way described and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cosmetic in this category.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“This serum was recommended by my facial professional and I have used it religiously for a year. The consistency doesn’t add any additional ‘oily’ or ‘greasy’ texture to your skin as it absorbs immediately. I use it under my moisturizer. It has been so effective I don’t have to lie about my age any longer!”

“I recently picked up a bottle of this at a local medically supervised spa clinic. It came highly recommended by patients. After a few days of use it further refined my pores and skin texture. I have a scar on my cheek from an early childhood encounter with our house cat. This stuff has already improved the texture of the scar!”

“This is great serum to use under sunscreen for everyday fight with free radicals, sun spots, and wrinkles. It evened out my skin tone, maybe not dramatically, but it helped to fade away lighter marks. Immediately makes skin tighter. This one is great to prevent aging for regular skin.”

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Conclusion on iS Clinical Super Serum

iS Clinical Super Serum is primarily for those looking to challenge uneven skin tone, wrinkles and even scar tissue. It works well in older individuals to brighten the skin and make it appear more youthful, and even though the bottle costs around $110, it will last for months when properly used.

Finding a quality toner, brightener and sunblock all-in-one is a difficult task but iS has managed to create a blended masterpiece. The iS Clinical Super Serum is a top-notch solution for aging, sun-damaged or uneven skin and will help restore one’s face to its former glory.

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iS Clinical Super Serum

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I hope you have enjoyed my iS Clinical Super Serum review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.