SK II Mask Facial Treatment – The Real Truth

At first you may think SK II Facial Treatment Mask, or known as SK II Mask, is just but another one of those over hyped products which never really deliver. However, don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover! SK II Mask is a truly unique product that stands out from the rest of the crowd. This one of a kind product contains Pitera’s fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids which many other mask products don’t have.

SK II Mask

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Now you may be wandering what the hell is Pitera? Well, Pitera is SK II Mask’s signature or “secret ingredient” if you may which makes it different from all other face masks. It basically contains a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids as mentioned above which work hand in hand to naturally restore and rejuvenate your skin leading to a smoother and generally more beautiful skin.

The Pitera apparently also instantly moisturizes your skin improving the texture and clarity leading to a more radiant and glowing complexion. Now I decided to test it out and really see what SK II Mask can really do. At first glance when I was purchasing the SK II Mask I was a little skeptical but I decided to test it out.

After pacing it on my face for about twenty minutes or so as the instructions said, I was really surprised at the results! It was just like I had had my facials! Now am not really praising this product too much but for its price as it just seamed like a really good bargain for me. My skin moisturized and smoothened as I continued using it over a period of about two weeks or so. I must say though, it may not generally work as well for everyone else’s skin.

Even when I had my make up on it didn’t disappoint. Surprisingly enough, the make up did not affect it and I didn’t have any allergic reactions what so ever! I guess this Pitera secret ingredient really makes all the difference.

The only draw back SK II Mask has I guess is that it comes with a lot of liquid which is used when placing the mask. You thus end up wasting a lot of it after you finish with the mask. Nevertheless, you could still apply the liquid on your skin regularly and still get awesome results.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“The masks have made my skin impossibly amazing. It makes my skin look even to the point of wearing no makeup, plump, smooth, glowy, translucent, defined, dewy without being shiny and gives it a slight lift…all those wonderful things. Plus, I swear that it brings back the colour to my skin instead of looking dull.”

“My first introduction to SKII was with this mask – I had received a packet of one from a friend who swore it was her skin lifesaver following long business flights. I find this to be the best treat for the skin. It soothes, plumps, hydrates, and makes the skin look its very best.”

“Wow, I just tried the mask for the first time today and I am amazed by the results. I have acne-prone combination skin that is sensitive. I left this mask on for about 30-40 minutes and as soon as I was finished, I noticed an immediate difference. All my dead skin cells have simply melted away without a trace.”

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My Conclusion

All in all, SK II Mask is truly a remarkable skin product that truly works wonders. I would highly recommend this product if you always have skin breakups especially during your periods. If you also have problems with dry skin, it will moisturize your skin ensuring it doesn’t dry and break up. For those of you who also like travelling a lot, carry a pack or two of SK II Mask in your bag, it tremendously makes all the difference, especially if your flights are always long and your skin quickly wears out.

[xrr rating=4.5/5 label=”Product Rating:”]

SK II Mask

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I hope you have enjoyed my SK II Mask review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.


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