Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Review

Beauty communities are buzzing about a new product, Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, and its effects on one’s skin. It comes as no surprise as Lancome is a respected cosmetics creator that has been designing quality beauty products for the better part of a century.

Lancome claims that its product is capable of reveal healthy, younger-looking skin in as little as seven days while deeply moisturizing the areas in which it is applied. Such claims are only hearsay until an appropriate test is conducted to examine these statements. Over the course of two weeks, this product will be tested to see if it provides such benefits.

Lancome Genifique

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The first test that we will subject Lancome Genifique to is whether or not it provides youthful-looking skin in just seven days. Since the product will be evaluated for two weeks, this will allow plenty of time to see the results. Following a consistent pattern, the concentrate is applied nightly to freshly-cleansed skin.

So what were the results after the seven days in which Lancome Genifique claims to re-energize the skin? An overall younger glow was definitely noticeable after the first week of testing; pores seemed smaller and the general hue of my skin appeared more even throughout my entire face. Continuing use of this product for another week, I discovered that the results were improved upon, adding even more life to my skin.

Secondly, the assertion that Lancome Genifique aids in producing a long-term moisturizing effect was also evaluated over the fourteen day period. Upon contact, one could see an instant improvement in the amount of moisture that was present in the skin. The areas of the face treated with Lancome Genifique certainly felt moisturized long after application, but ultimately we want to see the concentrate aiding the skin in balancing its own natural moisturizing ability.

After the two weeks were up, I stopped usage of the product and followed my skin for another three days to see how well the moisture boost received from daily application would hold up without use. Honestly, lotion would not have been needed in these following days, even after taking a hot shower; the moisturizing effects of the concentrate were definitely observable.

While Lancome Genifique lived up to its initial claims of success, there are still some negatives to address with this product. This product may not be for those with sensitive skin as breakouts have been reported in conjunction with the use of this product. The dispenser will “act” like it is broken when it is actually empty; keep this is mind when purchasing/using the product. With these minor complaints considered, the Lancome product is still a recommendable cosmetic and I believe it will make a great addition to a regimen.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“After a few days using this product, there was a noticeable difference in my skin. I have olive skin and have always had a nice, unblemished complexion with few breakouts, but age ( and years of no sunscreen) have taken a toll. My skin was becoming thinner, duller, and worn looking. Genifique is not a miracle. I still look 50 something, but my skin is brighter, smoother and more dense. I just look healthier — maybe a few years younger.”

“I am always skeptical about products that claim they will give you a more youthful looking skin…especially when you are 60 years old and the model they are showing is probably not yet 30! When I recieved the 7 day trial in the mail I said I would give it a chance…I didn’t have anything to lose. Believe it or not I did notice a difference in a matter of days. My skin felt smoother and softer to the touch.”

“I bought some Genifique and absolutely loved it! My skin really was very much improved! No more dark circles under my eyes, the tone of skin was evening out and it was wonderful. Then, I ran out and disaster! All of the sudden I noticed my skin wasn’t looking so great. I am sold ladies–went out and bought more today and will never let myself run out again! It’s definitely a little pricey but worth every penny!”

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Conclusion on Lancome Genifique

All in all, this Lancome concentrate will work well for those with dull, dry or aged skin as a result of sun damaged or neglect. Costing just $125 for 2.5 ounces, it is also a great deal when compared to the cost of other concentrates and moisturizing products. If you have been considering a new beauty product for your face, give Lancome Genifique a try: the beauty hiding under your skin just may surprise you.

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Lancome Genifique

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I hope you have enjoyed my Lancome Genifique review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.


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