Dior Capture Totale Foundation – Flawless Skin Perfection?

The Dior Capture Totale Foundation is one of the first foundations to feature a unique blend of Centuline and Alpha-Longoza Complex, two radical anti-aging and skin perfection formulas. Centuline and Alpha-Longoza Complex were created specially by Dior and they showcase a number of different claims, for example ‘luminous and radiant skin’ and ‘a natural-looking flawless finish’, claims that women around the world have been curious about.

Dior Capture Totale Foundation

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The way that this Foundation works, according to Dior, is that it creates an ‘optical transformation’ of the skin by reflecting light, which then creates a hologram effect.

If these claims are true, then the Dior Capture Totale foundation seems like the best value for money by a long shot. Regardless of brand, are all of these magical Sci-Fi seeming claims such as ‘optical transformation’ the real deal, or will you be disappointed. In this review I challenge the promises of flawless skin and the hologram effect, providing you an insight into this foundation.

The first thing that I noticed when I eventually unwrapped the miles of bubble wrap was the casing that Dior has so elegantly designed. The foundation is surrounded by thick frosty glass featuring a neat little matte silver pump balancing on top, making it almost look like a priceless ornament which made my makeup cabinet look a little more elegant.

The Dior Capture Totale was easy to apply and had a great feel to it, a bonus was that it left my skin feeling silky and smooth for the rest of the day. However, with all the outstanding claims that Dior had fed me I was a little skeptical at first, I mean it’s not every day you see a foundation that supposedly creates a ‘hologram effect’.

But all these doubts were flushed away after I looked at myself in the mirror properly. My normal pale white uneven complexion had been transformed into breathtaking sea of Apricot beige. If you have dull, lifeless and aging skin then this is the foundation for you.

The Dior Capture Totale foundation features a wide selection for different skin tones, I found that Apricot Beige was perfect for my pale skin, which made my it look like I had a light tan, even in the middle of winter. My colleagues at work mentioned how fresh and young my skin looked, and they didn’t even believe me that this was only a mid-market foundation!

I only found only major drawback with the Dior Capture Totale, and that’s the price, it can be expensive for some. However this foundation is definitely worth the price, you get what you pay for. The Dior Capture Totale also goes a long way, less than two pumps is plenty for full coverage of the face making it even more cost effective.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“I have tried SO many foundations…most were just a waste of money…disappointment after disappointment. I bought Capture Totale in Light Beige and it was the perfect shade for me…I am fair with sensitive skin. It covers my flaws, even the redness, and my skin feels great…not sticky at all. It is well worth the price…a little really does go a long way. You won’t be disappointed!”

“Capture Totale covers beautifully and is well worth the price, as not only is it a fabulous foundation, it really lasts a long time owing to having to use so little to get great coverage. I suggest anyone try it, because I am confident they will be as “sold” on it as I am. I can’t recall when I was so happy with a make up product!”

“Even though you may feel like you have to have a second job to afford this foundation- it is worth it – and you don’t have to use much. It lasts all day without streaking – and the coverage is really perfect. Not too makeup-y where you look like you should be on stage – but not too shear where you see all the things you are trying to help cover up. No smell, great consistency – this is a perfect find – and the color options are great too. WELL worth the investment.”

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My Conclusion

In my honest opinion I would recommend the Dior Capture Totale foundation, I do agree that it is a little pricey, but I have never received so many compliments on my skin before using this product. (My manager at work even mentioned that I looked twenty years younger!).

Based on my own experience and the experiences of my friends, I would recommend the Dior Capture Totale Foundation Capture Totale foundation to ages 25-60, it’s more of a sophisticated foundation so it will suit more mature skin, however younger users may be able to receive its benefits.

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Dior Capture Totale Foundation

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I hope you have enjoyed my Dior Capture Totale Foundation review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.


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