Creme de La Mer – Good Value for Money or Rip Off?

Thanks to my dearest friend, Lauren, who introduced me to this wonderful Creme de La Mer. Since then, I am a loyal fan to this cream.

Just like many others, before I began to use this cream, I was first very sceptical about Creme de La Mer. It is one of the most expensive moisturizing creams, but is it one of the greatest ones? Is it worth to try?

Creme de La Mer

Belive me, it IS.

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Despite many celebrities like Oprah, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez who has credited this cream as the best moisturizing cream, I do objectively think that Creme de La Mer is plainly amazing.

Creme de La Mer works like wonders. It does not just moisturize your skin, but it does improve the overall appearance of your skin too by reducing fine lines and brightening up your skin tone, making you look younger, feel younger.

Despite the high tag price of this cream, actually I do not find that this product cost me that much. It takes me 6-7 months to finish a 2 oz jar (My mom’s even lasts for about 9 months!), and the best thing is, by the time I finish my first jar, the result is just too obvious to be noticed!

I cannot imagine if the day when Lauren came to my house for my daughter’s birthday party, she did not bring me Creme de La Mer. Until now, I must still have been wondering around, trying different creams with the hope that I could find the cream that would give the best result to my skin.

However, I am aware that many of you have heard about German Nivea cream which has almost the same ingredients as Creme de La Mer, but costs as low as 1/100 of what its cost for Creme de La Mer. But, let me tell you this: even though many of the key ingredients that Nivea uses are the same with Creme de La Mer, it does not mean that the quality and the use amount of those ingredients are the same. Also, Nivea misses the sea kelp extract, the ingredient that makes Creme de La Mer gains its thrust as one of the world’s best moisturizing cream.

The secret is behind Creme de La Mer ingredients which are:

1. Sea kelp extract

Or brown seaweed extract, is the ingredient that makes Creme de La Mer distinctively different and special to other creams. Seaweed is well known for its fast renewal and regrowth characteristic, and by adding this ingredient, Creme de La Mer makes sure that the cream will deliver the exact features to make your skin renewed and improved.

2. Vitamin C, D, E, and B12

Vitamin C and E helps to soften the wrinkles and fine lines in your face; while vitamin D stimulates your skin cell growth, metabolism, and reparation; and vitamin B12 helps to recondition and improve the elasticity of your skin. These vitamins work together to counter free radicals, diminish and prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

3. Minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron

Calcium, potassium, and magnesium protect and rehydrate your skin from dry and cold condition, leaving you with more hydrated, plumped skin. Iron, on the other hand, is the “lifting” agent which helps to firm and tone your skin.

4. Mineral oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa, and sunflower

These mineral oils are the conditioning agents and they work to protect your skin from harsh condition.

Looking at the texture of this cream, Creme de La Mer is purposely thick and a bit tacky. Thus, it is extremely important to vigorously rub the cream between your palms before you put it on your face to slightly liquefy it. Then, dap it gently onto your face and eyes if you like (which sometime I do).

For you who have combination skin, oily skin, or skin that is easily breakout, I suggest you to reduce the use amount to a very little of it, as it may cause you to breakout.

Similar rule also applies to anyone who uses this cream during summer. Pay attention to your skin condition. When your skin is more moistened during summer, then it is wise to use only a small amount of this. When you still feel your skin is tight and dry, you may use the cream as much as you use to have.

What Others Are Saying About This Product…

“After sleeping with the cream on my face, neck and chest area – I awaken to baby soft skin.”

“I can only tell you this about Creme de la Mer: I’ve used it since my early 30s; I’m 43 now and I’m mistaken constantly for still being in my early 30’s.”

“I use Creme de la Mer regularly for a month and it does soften my scars.”

“Creme de la Mer goes with the flow and seems to adjust to my skin, humidity and emotional status.”

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Conclusion on Creme de La Mer

For me and those who have tried, Creme de La Mer is plainly amazing.

Creme de La Mer is a jar full with active rehydration and free radicals counter agent that makes your skin looked renewed, fresh, and young. After several weeks of using, your skin will be much more supple, softer, and smoother. Such as fine lines and wrinkles are also slowly disappearing.

This is the cream for anyone who has dry, chronic dry or sensitive skin who also wants to preserve the beauty of your age.

[xrr rating=4.5/5 label=”Product Rating:”]

Creme de La Mer

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I hope you have enjoyed my Creme de La Mer review and hopefully you can make a good purchasing decision based on this review.


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