The Must Have Beauty Products in 2012

What make your skin look beautiful? Have you heard similar sayings such as:

“My Estee Lauder night cream makes my skin soft and supple and I just feel renewed the morning I wake up.”

“I use this iS Clinical serum and it is fantastic! I never have a skin like I do now. I get lots compliments from my friends every time I meet them.”

“I found this great Dior foundation by accident, but it works like wonder. I will keep using this and I will keep recommending it to others.”

It is always interesting to see what people think about product that makes their skin look beautiful, but I believe, to have beautiful skin, you cannot just live by using one jar of product; you have to have a series of products.

This is the list of 5 beauty products that remain on top of the chart over the years and I believe every woman should have these at their home.

1. Neocutis Bio Cream


A great formula for all skin type. This cream is produced by super advanced technology to particularly reduce fine lines and wrinkles like no other. It is non-comedogenic, and free of additives. Many have tried this product and all compliment the effectiveness of this cream. This is a great cream to start your day and to start the new skin of you!

2. iS Clinical Super Serum


It is never too early to stay young! This serum is all about delivering the best for your skin. It works by boosting your skin collagen production and balancing your skin pigmentation. This is the ultimate serum that every woman need. It tightens your skin, makes it suppler and smooth, and tone more evenly. Who doesn’t want to have a tight, supple, soft, young-looking skin? I do! So make a room for this super serum.

3. La Mer Eye Cream


When it comes to La Mer, it is always an over-delivered product. This La Mer Eye Cream is one of them. This eye cream is not mandatory only to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or hydrating skin area around your eyes, but also to reduce any dark circle appeared and saggy eyes. You only need a tiny amount of this for every use, so a jar of it would last months. A routine is never complete without adding this cream. After 30 days of using this cream, you will notice that this cream does more that you can expect.

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair


I always love Estee Lauder products. It’s a very established American brand that keeps establishing wonderful skin products. This night cream is no exception and it is a great companion of Neocutis Bio Cream you use in the morning. This product penetrates many layers of your skin fast, so there will be no spill in your pillow or blanket. Also, this serum-texture-like cream helps you to combat free radicals and pollutions that your skin is exposed to during the day. What a fantastic feature to a more healthy and glowing looking skin!

5. Skin Medica Redness Relief Complex

SkinMedica Redness Relief Calmplex

This is the cream you don’t want to miss when you suffer for any redness because of irritation. It is always hard when you suffer from skin redness to go to public places or meet your friends. This is the cream that you need to catch on! It can reduce the redness of your skin in minutes. However, to have a permanent result, you have to keep using it until all your redness is completely gone. Always have this cream in your drawer because you never know when you need it.

The Causes and Cures of Adult Acne

Do you know that 5 out of 10 women around the world suffer from acne some time in their adult stage? Maybe we are not aware about this, but adult acne is actually very common thing.

Whether you have the acne from your teenage years or in your adult ages, it is distressing to have adult acne. In many cases, adult acne appears even if you do not have a history of having acne in your teenage years. You can have perfect unblemished skin for years, then suddenly the acne comes out and now you wonder how this can be happening.

What causes adult acne?

There is no single answer explaining why you get adult acne. Adult acne is caused by combination of many factors. It can be because of your genes, hormones, and environmental factors. Stress, lack of sleep, and imbalance diet and lifestyle also contribute to acne by stimulating sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. This increased oil production, if is not well maintained, causes clogged pores and breakouts.

There are also scientific evidences that dairy products and foods with high glycemic index may worsen your adult acne. Dairy products worsen your acne because of its high testosterone level which stimulates more oil production; and high glycemic index foods, such as refined sugar, white flour, and white rice, are blamed because they increase your blood sugar level very rapidly which will result in more sebum production. Oil and sebum production mean the same thing: increase your risk to get acne.

Can my adult acne be treated?

Depends on the severity of your acne, your adult acne can be treated. If you have mild acne which is comprised of blackheads, whiteheads, and few small bumps, you can easily treat it with salicylic acid or glycolic acid. If you suffer from moderate acne which means you have more bumps and they are usually red and some are also with pus, you may need to use an acne product that contains benzoyl peroxide to kill the acne-causing bacteria.

Please be very careful if your skin has developed severe adult acne. You may have acne scars if you do not treat your acne wisely and carefully. Severe adult acne is generally shown by having many redden, swollen lumps, usually in your cheeks, forehead, and sometimes near your mouth. If you suffer from this type of acne, however, I suggest you not to self-medicate your skin, instead, visit your dermatologist so your acne can be treated well. Improper treatment of this kind of acne may lead to infection and permanent scars.

Such as foundations, concealers, and sunscreens have to be limited in use as these make-ups clog your pores and progressively worsen your adult acne. Another important note is to use your moisturizer sensibly. Apply less moisturizer when your skin is not dry, and if it is, use an appropriate amount.

Furthermore, rather than using the whole set of acne product range, you may try to modify your skin care regimen by using gentler cleanser, a soothing serum to help your skin to tolerate the medications better, and using only ONE anti-acne product. You want to keep your regimen minimal, and if your skin is irritated, you shall take a few days break. Your adult acne may not disappear overnight, but for sure, it will get better in weeks to come.

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How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products

Choosing the best skin care products for our skin has never been easy. It is a simple task that gets harder and more complicated once we are overwhelmed with the vast varieties of products offered to us.

And it does not stop there.

When we are selecting skin care products, often we ask ourselves questions that every woman also asks herself: what really defines good skin care products? How can I differentiate a product that is genuinely good with those which are just a product of advertising gimmicks?

Before we learn about skin care products, we must first be able to distinguish our skin condition, concerns, and needs. We cannot fix things that we do not know, right? And, we all are aware that different skin has different needs.

Here are tips on how you can find the best skin care products:

First of all, look for products that are specifically addressed to solve your skin concerns or problems. Personally, I am quite skeptical with “all-in-one” products which usually offer so many benefits and solve many skin problems at the same time. Although there are some really good products that fall in this category, in general, this kind of products usually only gives you a relatively fair result. If you have none to mild skin concerns or if you are just aiming to protect your skin from future damages, this can be a product for you. Otherwise, you should look for more specific skin care products that are specially designed to help you dealing with your skin problem.

Second, familiarize yourself with recent technologies, developments, and trends in skin care products. These also include learning about some key ingredients.

Learning about ingredients can be very challenging for many of us. But, do not let yourself imagining too much yet about the hassle! In reality, all we need to know is key ingredients or active ingredients and how these ingredients perform. It will take some time to know, but once you get it, you will be much less susceptible to marketing gimmicks.

Our knowledge in new technologies used in skin care product development needs to be updated as well. For instance, “What do you know about stem cells used in creams?” It is not hard task, really. For a product development to complete, it usually takes about 5 years or more. Thus, for you to be updated, you need to introduce yourself to the new information only ONCE for about every 3 years!

Always watch out for the latest trend in skin care products, especially those which links to cosmetics or make-ups because trends are very seasonal and they change rapidly.

Third, consider the reputation of the brand and set your product preferences. Are you a conservative that only use natural skin care products? Or, are you a “give-it-a-try” type that is more result oriented? Whatever your product preferences are, there are hundreds of products you can choose and you will find the the best skin care products that suits to your skin needs.

Conclusion on choosing the right skin care products

There are 3 things to remember in choosing skin care products:
1. always be careful with the brand’s marketing,
2. be wise enough when you select a product, and
3. the most important thing: always love and appreciate yourself.

When you are experiencing a severe skin problem, however, home treatment may be not enough for you. A visit to your dermatologist or skin specialist is always a good idea, so your skin can be treated correctly.

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